DIP switches

PC-8801 mkIIMR

DIP switch SW1

1Startup mode
(Valid in N88-BASIC mode)
ON Terminal mode/td>
2Number of characters per line at startup
(Valid in N88-BASIC mode)
ON 80 characters/line
OFF40 characters/line
3Number of lines per screen at startup
(Valid in N88-BASIC mode)
ON 25 lines/screen
OFF20 lines/screen
4S-parameter ON Parameter enabled
OFFParameter disabled
5Operation when receiving DEL code ON Process DEL code
OFFIgnore DEL code
6Memory wait ON 1 WAIT operation for memory read cycle
OFFCommonly used
7CMD SING ban ON CMD SING not available
OFFCMD SING available
8CRT mode ON Uses dedicated display (24.8 kHz type)
OFFUses standard display (15.7 kHz type)
9Unused ON
10Unused ON

Dip switch SW2

1Parity check ON With parity
OFFNo parity
2Parity specification ON Even parity
OFFOdd parity
3Data bit length ON 8 bit
OFF7 bit
4Stop bit length ON 2
5X-parameter ON Parameter enabled
OFFParameter invalid
6Communication method ON Half duplex
OFFFull duplex
7Boot from 5 inch FDD ON Will boot
OFFWon't boot
8Prohibition of built-in FDD interface ON Prohibit
OFFCommonly used